Winterhude district has its own gourmet restaurant – dinner in Hamburg

ZEIK’s domain

A young northern-German chef has been making a name for himself since 2018: the high priority given to regional products from the Hamburg area, creative ideas and exceptional pantry techniques are important characteristics of gourmet restaurant ZEIK in Hamburg and its owner Maurizio Oster.

Gourmets, be they from Hamburg itself or foodies and pleasure-seekers from elsewhere, appreciate our comfortable atmosphere, the minimalistic, pleasant interior, the top-rate service and the starring products in Maurizio Oster’s culinary creations.

As a team, we are extremely proud of our culinary work and of our restaurant in Hamburg. We look for the best product but stick firmly to northern-German soil as far as possible. We prefer to look for what makes an onion special and coax the best aroma from kale. We love fine dining but want it to be relaxed and casual. We are northern lights; we are passionate about our home and its products – we remain humble but have the highest standards. Our service and lovingly selected products in Maurizio Oster’s culinary creations form the foundation for our gastronomic philosophy. 

Fine Dining in Winterhude

- but always grounded

Many ZEIK dreams are worth dreaming or are already clear goals we have in our sights. Rolling up our sleeves to develop further, always keeping our guests in mind, being creative, but also courageous and artistic. Fine dining, yes. But always with one foot on the ground and with a connection to home. And never abandoning our own ideals. Because sustainability and fairness when it comes to nature, animals and people are and will remain our highest priority.

Modern cuisine in Hamburg

– from bistro to fine dining

Entrepreneur comes from French and means a person who undertakes something – and the takeover of the restaurant ZEIK was a thrilling development.
Maurizio recounts:

“Straight after the takeover, I wasn’t able to change very much because my finances were very restrictive. The first thing I did was to make a tangible change to the restaurant’s interior so that regular guests were able to see straight away that there was someone new here. Out with the tablecloths, new menus, a change of direction in the cuisine, reduced interior decor … over the course of two years, a great deal had changed: new chairs, a new kitchen, new pictures on the walls, the terrace was redesigned. Everything was gradually developed.”

Awards to date:
Gusto Gourmetführer Newcomer of the year 2019 7,5/10 pans
Gault Millau 2019 14/20 Punkte 1 hat
Der große Guide 2019 3/5 chef hats
Schlemmer Atlas 2019 3/5 silverware
Falstaff 87/100 points
Varta Führer 2019 2/5 diamonds

Feinschmecker 2,5/5