Fine Dining in Hamburg

Welcome to the ZEIK Restaurant!

Hamburg is our home; the world is our playground. This is the resolution we adopt at ZEIK to give our best each and every day. Because you can dine out in lots of gourmet restaurants in Hamburg, we want to be discovered as a culinary pearl in our beautiful city. Those looking to experience our gastronomic prowess can find out a little bit about our restaurant in advance here. Otherwise, ZEIK is about: trying sophisticated, modern cuisine and enjoying the gastronomic signature of Maurizio Oster and his ambitious team. We would be delighted if you would make a reservation and then simply come along, sit back, indulge yourself – and be astonished by our Zeik restaurant in Hamburg.


We coax the maximum aroma from flavourful products.


We allow seasonal products to grow to their own rhythm.


We bring international and cosmopolitan flair to northern-German roots.

Keep it simple

We use seasonal products that grow to their own rhythm.

Sierichstrasse is the only street in Hamburg where your drive in one direction the first half of the day and in the opposite direction the second half of the day. What benefits the harmonisation of traffic is also reflected in our small but refined restaurant: ZEIK read backwards is KIEZ – but this has little to do with the renowned area of Hamburg. We are based in the green urban surroundings of Hamburg, close to the Aussenalster. Chef de cuisine and owner Maurizio Oster welcomes his guests in Hamburg’s beautiful Winterhude district and serves our gastronomic delicacies surrounded by beautiful town houses – some from the Jugendstil era. We have 24 seats inside and 20 in the garden area.


Here, in an unpretentious brick building, we are delighted to present our exceptional cuisine to you. We cook with ambition and put the utmost care into the fine-dining style in the restaurant, the sophisticated culinary handicraft, and artistic refinement. In spite of this, we want to succeed in bringing a prevailing air of relaxation and a warm welcome – a sense of “stop by any time!” Come along and eat with us!

Nordic and noble – but to the point. There are six courses on the menu, and there is of course also a vegetarian alternative. Maurizio Oster and his team are continually working on new dishes and the menu composition based on the respective season and the availability of individual products. Always in harmony with nature, its innate rhythm, availabilities – and on the lookout for the best produce and the product with the perfect flavour to form the basis for creative processing.

Huhn | Schnittlauch | Kartoffel

Köstliches Huhn als edle Komponente und Überraschung am Gaumen:

Gebettet auf Ragout genießen Sie geeiste Hühnerleber als eine luftig, cremige Konsistenz. On Top ein aromatischer Höhenflug – bestehend aus zartem Schaum und Kartoffelwürfeln mit feinen Röstaromen. Als i-Tüpfelchen brilliert der Schnittlauch mit seiner leichten Schärfe.

Guten Appetit!