Maurizio Oster – Nordic by nature

– with a lot of love for Hamburg

Who is the creative mind behind ZEIK in Hamburg? With Maurizio Oster, a born-and-bred northern-German lad is lord of the pots and pans. His first name suggests something more southern, but this leads us down the wrong path geographically, because even as a young boy, Maurizio Oster loved to stomp through the large vegetable garden at home. And home is the north. It is precisely those northern-German ingredients like kale, swede, onions, etc. that awaken his inner child. His origins therefore have a great deal of influence on his culinary style. Maurizio Oster and his team at Zeik Hamburg are passionate about regional products, but also draw inspiration from the recipes and pleasures of far-flung countries.


Per aspera ad astra – through hardships to the stars. Because we are always travelling forwards – and the journey itself is the goal.

End result

International cuisine discovered aboard the MS Europa – arrival as an independent home-port restaurateur at ZEIK Hamburg.


Always focusing on sustainability and regional products.


Modern, regional, creative – with passion in the kitchen, respect towards people and nature, and always with hearts in the right place.

Maurizio Oster

– culinary CV

Aboard the MS Europa, Maurizio Oster spent some time as a commis de cuisine and sailed the oceans. Despite being a born-and-bred Hamburg lad, he enjoyed travelling the world and international culinary influences also therefore play a significant role in his cuisine. His dishes have their roots in the north and are enriched and perfected with cuisine from nations around the world in the form of special techniques.

4 hands Dinner with
Alexander Wulf

Team Work makes the dream work!

Together with chef Alexander Wulf from the restaurant TROYKA we created an exclusive 6 course menu for you.

In the ZEIK on the 28th February 2024 at 19:00pm

Huhn | Schnittlauch | Kartoffel

Köstliches Huhn als edle Komponente und Überraschung am Gaumen:

Gebettet auf Ragout genießen Sie geeiste Hühnerleber als eine luftig, cremige Konsistenz. On Top ein aromatischer Höhenflug – bestehend aus zartem Schaum und Kartoffelwürfeln mit feinen Röstaromen. Als i-Tüpfelchen brilliert der Schnittlauch mit seiner leichten Schärfe.

Guten Appetit!