Pared down, sustainable, regional

Hamburg is our home; the world is our playground

Our attention at ZEIK is focused on the essential: we want to celebrate top cuisine for you in a relaxed way. While Hamburg’s best restaurants are often located on grand stages like Elbberge, Hafencity or the city centre, we have been able – with our sophisticated gastronomy and cuisine that is in tune with nature – to set very special accents in the middle of Hamburg’s beating urban heart – the beautiful green district of Winterhude.

Our aim is to draw out the maximum flavour and emotion from a single product without overburdening it.

ZEIK philosophy

– new German cuisine in Hamburg

ZEIK’s cuisine is inspired by the fundamental. Only those who have travelled far and wide know what is really important to them. Maurizio Oster has found the best answers for himself and his restaurant in Hamburg:

His northern-German origins certainly play a significant role in his culinary style. At home, his family always had a large vegetable garden, and it is therefore these regional ingredients that awaken his inner child. He freely admits that he is not big on trends. He doesn’t generally look at what other top chefs are doing – but prefers to pursue his own ideas and pantry techniques.

His culinary philosophy in a nutshell:

Creatively regional … we consciously avoid supposed luxury products and try to focus on “normal” products such as an onion or a swede.

An onion is not just an onion – and the same is true of a kohlrabi. Especially when using such down-to-earth, ubiquitous, almost commonplace ingredients, the way they are processed is the trick that allows the seemingly simple to transform into something very special. Fermented, preserved, pickled – Maurizio loves to play with various preparation techniques and their effect on the product. The different methods give a vegetable its very own intensity and aroma, which Maurizio Oster uses to convey his ideas.

Maurizio Oster knows the farmer who produces his vegetables and the person who supplies his meat. The very conscious decision to dispense with luxury products like truffles and caviar once again demonstrates how the young chef ticks. He is down to earth but not rustic. He loves refinement but is firmly rooted in the north. His regional ingredients are rigorously checked and then prepared with plenty of love and ideas.

Huhn | Schnittlauch | Kartoffel

Köstliches Huhn als edle Komponente und Überraschung am Gaumen:

Gebettet auf Ragout genießen Sie geeiste Hühnerleber als eine luftig, cremige Konsistenz. On Top ein aromatischer Höhenflug – bestehend aus zartem Schaum und Kartoffelwürfeln mit feinen Röstaromen. Als i-Tüpfelchen brilliert der Schnittlauch mit seiner leichten Schärfe.

Guten Appetit!